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 Little known facts about BoB

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BeitragThema: Little known facts about BoB   Di Jul 08, 2008 8:10 am

Little known facts about BoB

1. BoB alliance doesnt sleep. BoB waits.

*cough* ok…ok…lets start over…

1. BoB does never fit stabs. They fit only dmg mods !

2. BoB does never tank. The sheer amout of fear ppl have when BoB jumps into a sys insta kills an outpost and all in it. So why tankin ?

3. BoB was once aggroed by a 12 year-old n00b in an ibis. The lil boy will never be the same again.

4. BoB once posted a setup on the forums to show that a typhoon is a useful pvp ship. Afterwards TomB had to nerf the whole minmatar race several times to compensate the catastrophic shift in game balance it caused.

5. BoB once filed a petition coz rats were too easy to kill. CCP released the Sansha Ultima Station 10/10 complex to keep BoB satisfied. Even if it made BoB only kill a plex in 10 secs instead of the usual 2.0587 seconds (2 secs for ammo reload).

6. BoB once announced a player gathering. Also know as “Operation: Iraqy Freedom”

7. When a BoB member is equipped with a flash light the only way to survive against him in a 1vs1 is a 99% EM and Thermal resistance tank and 4 capital armour reps.

8. If BoB ganks someone in empire concord looks the other way.

9. If BoB members play WoW, CS:S or Battlefield 2 they don’t do it coz they like the game. But to compensate for the insufficiency of targets during downtime.

10. BoB members actually don’t need T2 gear and fully equipped battleships to overwhelm an empire. They just declare war and wait till the enemy hauls all their assets into their space to get instapopped once they deployed all goods at BoB corporate hangars. Its easier that way.

11. Once a BoB member smacked someone in local so hard that he, in a fully equipped dreadnought was kicked into structure and got to jump out of system.

12. When BoB is hunting enemy intruders they actually don’t set up bubbles and sniper Bs to cover the gates. They just anchor a can saying ”BOOM Headshot!” and every one who dares to enter the sys wakes up in his clone bay.

13. If BoB post on eve online forums the isd looks the other way.

14. If BoB members use lasers they do Kinetic and Explosive dmg aswell.

15. If a BoB member scrambles u with a 1 point disruptor u need at least 7 lows full of stabs to have a 50/50 chance of escaping.

16. In the BoB language “carebear” means “prey”.

17. If a BoB player mines he don’t uses mining lasers. He just targets the roid and waits till the minerals appear pre-refined in his hold.

18. Moving closer to a cloaked BoB covert ops wont decloak the BoB spy but will cloak u. no one was ever seen again after he vanished this way.

19. All POS passwords are overwritten by the general password “BoB”. The POS just fear to face the consequences resulting in an access denial.

20. BoB members instantly claim sovereignty over a system by their simple presence.

21. BoB is the reason the jovians left the known universe and vanished in the mysterious unreachable outer regions of Eve.

22. Minmatar where enslaved by the amarr. But the amarr where enslaved by BoB.

23. The only reason BoB allows the gallenteans to live in a free democracy is their affectation for pimped gallentean luxury cars, spiced whine and exotic dancers.

24. Navy Issue Ships is a try of CCP to allow the rest of the non-BoB eve community to withstand an BoB attack long enuff to pay the ransom.

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Little known facts about BoB
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